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How the ZapInventory and Amazon integration work?
Single Click Connect

Connect your Amazon Store in few clicks. Add your Amazon marketplace ID and connect with ZapInventory in no time.

Real-Time Import & Export

When you connect your Amazon stores, ZapInventory will import all your orders, products and customers automatically every 24 hours. You can export or import inventory with a CSV file. Push and pull all the updated product quantities in few seconds.

2-way synchronization

Sync the data from Amazon to ZapInventory and from ZapInventory to Amazon too. Add new products in ZapInventory and push them to Amazon.

Features our Amazon users love:

Intuitive dashboard

A central dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot of the sales activity and product summary. From here, choose which products and variants to publish in your Amazon store.

Streamline Purchases

Ensure you have the right stock at the right time. Forecast demand and manage end-to-end purchasing. Track incoming purchase orders and inventory from suppliers.

Auto-updated inventory

ZapInventory will pull orders and update stock levels on your Amazon automatically every 24 hours. Even if you update stock in ZapInventory, it will instantly get updated to Amazon in real-time.

Tracking and adjusting inventory

You can view and adjust inventory levels. Know what you have in stock and where you have it at any given time. You can also view a product’s inventory history.

Fulfill sales orders

Fulfill the Amazon orders from ZapInventory. See all your orders from Amazon in one place. With all orders synced in ZapInventory, you can streamline the order fulfillment process. Also, changes made to order status and shipments will get updated to Amazon automatically.

Perfect for multi-channel sales and multi-pricing

ZapInventory combines all your sales channels, locations and currencies. Sell the same product in different stores at different prices/ currency. Track inventory across multiple locations separately and sync all of it with Amazon.

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data across Amazon directly into the accounting software.

Save Time

Don’t spend a lot of time managing Amazon stores and other channels individually. Enjoy the power of automation and speed up backend operations on Amazon.

Amazon Accounting Integrations

Amazon Xero Inventory Integrations

Amazon Xero Inventory Integration

All orders coming from Amazon are automatically pushed to Xero by ZapInventory. All the payment, taxes and shipping charges are also synced to Xero.
Amazon QuickBooks Inventory Integration

Amazon QuickBooks Inventory Integration

Amazon orders are pulled in ZapInventory and pushed to QuickBooks. Products, Shipping & Taxes added in Amazon orders are also passed on to QuickBooks.

Popular Syncing

by Amazon

Start syncing Amazon with various other eCommerce platforms. Discover how ZapInventory can make all your apps work together.

Simple, yet powerful

Unlock the power of eCommerce automation and watch your business grow

More ZapInventory features you’ll love:

Batch Management

Manage product batches with their Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Batch number and Quantity in that batch.

Inbuilt POS

ZapInventory POS helps you to make Sales and record payments. Convert your tablets, mobiles into POS.

Professional Invoices

Convert quotes to invoices, add your logo and branding. Choose from different Templates or create your own.

Detailed Reports

Generate Sales, Inventory, Customer, Purchase reports for different ranges like week, month and custom dates.

Team up with your favorite integrations

ZapInventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.

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