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Our Most Popular eCommerce Integrations

About Shopify


ZapInventory will import all orders, products, customers, from your Shopify stores at one place, helping you automate business tasks and real-time visibility.
About WooCommerce


Experience the simplest and productive inventory and order management solution for your WooCommerce store by integrating them with ZapInventory in few clicks.
About Amazon


Employ automated order sync across channels and amazon websites. Optimize your entire inventory management process for Amazon with ZapInventory.
About BigCommerce


Zapinventory’s BigCommerce integration service will bring all your store’s data at one place, making it easy and quick to process back-end operations.
About Magento


ZapInventory’s Magento integration imports data from your store to allow you perform major back-end tasks from anywhere, anytime.
About Ebay


Coming Soon *
Have the ability to sync and manage your multiple eBay stores from one single interface, helping you save hours of effort.
About Etsy


Coming Soon *
ZapInventory lets you take complete control of your Etsy inventory for any number of sales channels and warehouses.
About Flipkart


Coming Soon *
With ZapInventory at the core of your Flipkart operation, create a central view of all your sales, inventory that’s accurate.

How the eCommerce integration works?

Single Click Connect
Connect your eCommerce Store in few clicks. Add your eCommerce Store URL and connect with ZapInventory in no time.
Real-Time Import & Export
When you connect your eCommerce stores, ZapInventory will import all your orders, products and customers automatically in real-time. You can export or import inventory with a CSV file. Push and pull all the updated product quantities in few seconds.
2-way synchronization
Sync the data from eCommerce stores to ZapInventory and from ZapInventory to eCommerce stores too. Add new products in ZapInventory and push them to eCommerce stores.

eCommerce Integration Features You'll Love:

Intuitive dashboard

A central dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot of the sales activity and product summary. From here, choose which products and variants to publish in your eCommerce store.

Multiple eCommerce Store

Connect Multiple eCommerce stores with ZapInventory and adopt a centralized inventory practice to gain control. Sync and track the inventory across multiple eCommerce stores and their warehouses. Choose specifically which item you want to sync and with which store.

Auto-updated inventory

ZapInventory will pull orders and update stock levels on your eCommerce stores automatically. Even if you update stock in ZapInventory, it will instantly get updated to all eCommerce stores in real-time.

Streamline Purchases

Ensure you have the right stock at the right time. Forecast demand and manage end-to-end purchasing. Track incoming purchase orders and inventory from suppliers.

Fulfill sales orders

Fulfill all the eCommerce store orders from ZapInventory. See all your orders from eCommerce stores in one place. With all orders synced in ZapInventory, you can streamline the order fulfillment process. Also, changes made to order status and shipments will get updated to all eCommerce stores automatically.

Save Time

Don’t spend a lot of time managing various eCommerce stores individually. Enjoy the power of automation and speed up backend operations.

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data across eCommerce stores directly into the accounting software.

eCommerce Integration Benefits

Eliminate Manual and Duplicate Entry

An eCommerce integration platform allows companies to eliminate manual and duplicated data entries, which was time consuming and inefficient.

Improve Speed of Data Exchange

By eliminating the time-consuming manual data entry process, an integration platform greatly increases the speed of data exchange and scale your business.

Accurate Data and Inventory Levels

With eCommerce integration, the accuracy of data is must. Inventory synchronization, real-time track updates, and pricing makes data more accurate than ever before.

Low Operational Costs

Automation streamlines your whole Ecommerce operations. Focus your resources on other high priority work and keep operational costs as low as possible.

Improve Customer Experience

Automating order results in fast fulfillment, refunds and real-time customer updates, thereby improving customer service efficiency, satisfaction and overall experience.

Opportunity to Grow Your Brand

ECommerce integration facilitate businesses to enter more online marketplaces. Each added sales channel offers opportunity to grow your brand through new markets.

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More ZapInventory features you’ll love:

Batch Management

Manage product batches with their Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Batch number and Quantity in that batch.

Inbuilt POS

ZapInventory POS helps you to make Sales and record payments. Convert your tablets, mobiles into POS.

Professional Invoices

Convert quotes to invoices, add your logo and branding. Choose from different Templates or create your own.

Detailed Reports

Generate Sales, Inventory, Customer, Purchase reports for different ranges like week, month and custom dates.

Team up with your favorite integrations

ZapInventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.