Invoice Management

Create invoices in seconds anytime, anywhere. Send the Invoices easily.

Easy Invoice Creation

Push your sales data from all your eCommerce stores and marketplaces, then sync directly to your accounting software for easy invoice creation. Convert your orders or sales quotes into professional invoices. Create invoices in seconds anytime, anywhere.

Customizable Invoices

Choose from different standard templates or create your own. Customize invoices by adding your logo, brand name, and contact information. You can also opt to use the marketplace invoice.

Fast Invoicing Process

Bulk print thousands of sales invoices at a time with one click. Share or email invoices to your customers with a payment link and get paid instantly. Track late or missed payments. Save or download invoices for further use.

Simplified Record-keeping

Enjoy a fully-featured suite of accounting integration. Integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks & Xero for end-to-end record-keeping. Manage all finances from one dashboard with real-time tracking of finances. Your Account Payables and Account Receivables are always up-to-date to get the latest financial status of your company.

Payment Processing Software

Get paid instantly by sharing invoices. Make the payment process easier and faster for you and your customers.

Payment Integration

Streamline payment collection across B2B, POS or any other channel using our Payment Integration. Integrate with leading payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, Square and RazorPay to start receiving online payments. Switch to an easy and secure mode of accepting payments from your customers.

Flexible Payment Methods

Enable a broad array of flexible payment methods and credit authorization. Offer varied payment options such as split payments or deferred payments. Send your invoices with a payment link to your clients or customers and get paid instantly. Accept payments of any type through seamless integration to payment gateways.

Multi-Currency Conversion

Make transactions or accept payments in any currency from your online sales channels across the world. Zap Inventory supports multi-currency invoicing to reach the global market.

Refund Management

Automate refund process for returns made by customers. Provide multiple payment receiving options to your customer. The issue of refund will be synced with your accounting software.

Set Payment Terms

Set your preferred payment terms and conditions for your suppliers, customers or B2B clients depending on sales channel or location. Set due dates for the payment.

Directly Enter Card Information

During the checkout process, enter customer card details directly for faster and easy collection of payments. Save the details of credit cards or debit cards for future use.

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More ZapInventory features you’ll love:

Batch Management

Manage product batches with their Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Batch number and Quantity in that batch.

Inbuilt POS

ZapInventory POS helps you to make Sales and record payments. Convert your tablets, mobiles into POS.

Professional Invoices

Convert quotes to invoices, add your logo and branding. Choose from different Templates or create your own.

Detailed Reports

Generate Sales, Inventory, Customer, Purchase reports for different ranges like week, month and custom dates.

Team up with your favorite integrations

ZapInventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.