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Our Most Popular Shipping Integrations


Vamaship is a marketplace for e-commerce logistics, making shipping easy and cheap for growing merchants. Save shipping cost, save integration time and improve overall buying experience with Vamaship.


India’s #1 eCommerce shipping solution, trusted by over 1 Lac brands and entrepreneurs for lowest shipping rates, widest reach and best customer service. Process bulk orders in a few clicks with Shiprocket.
Coming Soon!


India’s most reliable Shipping Gateway, delivering seamless shipping experience and global growth potential to your businesses. Enjoy pre-negotiated rates & services, AI-enabled smart shipping solution and more with Shyplite.
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No other shipping software makes order fulfillment quicker, easier, and more affordable than Shipstation. Import orders, manage orders, print labels and send tracking to customers and selling channels – all with Shipstation.
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How the Shipping Integration works?

Single Click Connect
Easily connect to shipping provider of your choice. Go to Apps section on ZapInventory, chose shipping integrations and select your preferred shipping provider. Just click on Add account button and provide the required information to connect with ZapInventory in no time.
Add Shipment
ZapInventory import all your orders with automated channel sync. Then, click on “Add Shipment” from the package window for your sales order. Based on your requirement, select a courier partner. Enter details in the Shipment model.
2-way synchronization
Pack your orders, print labels and hand it over to the courier partner. Track the order and keep your customers informed via notifications. Sync the information from shipping carrier to ZapInventory and from ZapInventory to shipping carrier too.

Shipping Integration Features You'll Love:

Shipping Workflow Automation

Import all orders from multiple sales channels into a central dashboard. With ZapInventory, help your employees to process and ship bulk orders efficiently in minutes with the click of a button. Get a quick summary of how many orders are pending, invoiced, packaged, shipped, or delivered on the dashboard.

Enjoy The Benefits of Multiple Shipping Providers

Every shipping provider has expertise. Some are technologically advanced and some have better area coverage. With ZapInventory, you can choose the shipper for any order based on what they are good at. Now allocate shipping providers based on the priority defined for that particular order.

Multi Shipment Capabilities

Shipment with fragile items or inflammable items needs to be shipped separately. Also, there are situations when partial items of an order are not available in stock. With ZapInventory, you can easily process orders from any sales channel by creating individual or bulk shipments. You can also split or merge shipments as per requirement.

Compare Rates & Print Labels

Get real-time shipping rates for each package individually. Set preferred shipping carriers based on rates or services. Create and print picklists, sort them into shipments or create packages using Packing Slips. Convert any confirmed order into a packing slip, generate and print shipping labels from your packing slips.

Customize Shipping Collaterals

Customize shipment package and packing slip to reflect your business or brand. Choose from a variety of templates or modify them as per your needs. Set default templates for various product categories to save time

Automate your return process

Keep your customers satisfied with a fast and simplified customer return & refund process. Create reverse pick up & return Manifests. Generate Return Slips when products are returned. Quicker returns, approval, pickup, and transportation processes. Send return updates via email, SMS & automated notifications to customers.

Transparent Shipment Tracking

With our eCommerce shipping management, track your shipments in real-time and know when it has been delivered to your customers. Make the tracking info available to your customers, helping you improve the end customer experience. Track all shipments in one place and update sales channels with tracking information. Get shipment alerts and notification emails.

Shipping Integration Benefits

Easy Integration Set-Up

ZapInventory lets you easily connect to leading providers like Vamaship, Shiprocket, and more. Getting up and running takes mere seconds with highly intuitive and automated design.

Wide Delivery Area

Enjoy the widest coverage network and a truly enormous scale of operations with ZapInventory. Our third-party shipping integration delivers to millions of addresses around the country.

Automated Fulfillment

Automate the order fulfillment and shipping. No more manual entries and uploading CSVs. Forget the repetitive daily shipping tasks by putting large parts of your fulfillment process on autopilot.

Fast Delivery

ZapInventory provide fast delivery services to your customers. Faster fulfillment speeds your business back-end by moving more orders in less time with the highest accuracy.

Cheapest Shipping Price

Save on shipping budget. Compare and select the cheapest carrier with real-time rate info. Automatically unify orders with the same recipient and see how much you’re saving.

No Monthly Charges

Pay as you go model - Pay only for what you ship. No subscription cost. No platform handling fee. No hidden charges. No Minimum Spend or Fee. Pay only for your shipments and no platform usage fee

Save Time

Optimize shipping and save time for your team. Save time by creating automation rules and automating the Carrier selection. Save time by creating and printing shipping manifests automatically. Concentrate on what matters for business.

Flexible & Transparent Workflows

Get real-time analytical reports related to shipments. Bring total transparency and flexibility to shipping processes and get your order out faster through the chain with accurate & real-time performance insights.

Delight your Customers

Offer customers the delivery experience they expect. Connect with your customers better by replying and solving issues immediately and giving them an excellent post-purchase experience.

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More ZapInventory features you’ll love:

Batch Management

Manage product batches with their Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Batch number and Quantity in that batch.

Inbuilt POS

ZapInventory POS helps you to make Sales and record payments. Convert your tablets, mobiles into POS.

Professional Invoices

Convert quotes to invoices, add your logo and branding. Choose from different Templates or create your own.

Detailed Reports

Generate Sales, Inventory, Customer, Purchase reports for different ranges like week, month and custom dates.

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ZapInventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.