Useful and Easy-to-infer Reports

Product Reports

Inventory Reports

Track your inventory movement through purchases, warehouse, sales, and shipping. Get a detailed overview of your inventory with various filtering options for easy & quick analysis.

Purchase Reports

Improve purchase efficiency by accurately forecasting your inventory requirements for upcoming periods. The decision can be made by taking into account past sales data, current stock levels, delivery lead times, outstanding purchase orders, backorders, and any stock transfers in progress. Buy only what you sell using Back-Order reports which can be configured to automatically generate Purchase Orders for you. This way you can avoid stock-outs and minimize costs from not holding excess inventory.

Sales Reports

Access to real-time order status. Stay up-to-date with your sales as they happen. Get real-time sales data with sales reports. Get actionable insights to drive more sales.

Warehouse Reports

Every item transferred will be tracked and recorded in history. Look for a complete history of each product’s stock changes for each warehouse. Select a warehouse by location and check its stock in hand, committed stock, last ordered stock, last purchased stock, etc. at a particular point of time.

Shipments, Invoice and Returns Reports

Get real-time analytical reports related to shipments, payments, customer, invoice transactions, and returns.

Key Features of Analytics & Reporting Software

Process new information more accurately so that you can react to coming situations more quickly.

View a KPI dashboard

Get a quick business summary and a snapshot of all your key business stats on a single screen. Get informed about pending tasks, important messages and notifications. See how many orders are pending, invoiced, packaged, received or delivered. See how much inventory is purchased, in-transit, ready for sale, damaged, or returned to the supplier.

Make Informed Decisions

Get real-time data on sales, purchases, inventory, cost and profitability. Easy-to-understand reports to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your eCommerce business. Drive your business towards a steep and positive growth with data-based insights. Fill potholes in your workflows with actionable reports.

Avoid Manual Data Errors

Stop manually entering data. Automated reporting cycles ensure all stock is accounted for and all sales/purchases have been recorded. Significantly reduce the possibility of various data entry errors. Reduced discrepancies between recorded data and actual data. Grow your business while saving time and resources.

Check Reports on Mobile

Get instant access to all your important information, data and reports from anywhere in real-time – via desktop, tablet or smartphone app. Sales, inventory and various other reports are available wherever you are, on your business dashboard. All information and reports are cloud-based making them easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. You can even download reports or email them.

Let your data work for you!

Make data-backed decisions, get actionable insights using automated reports and get a clear insight into the next course of action – all this leads to time-saving and increased efficiency.

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More ZapInventory features you’ll love:

Batch Management

Manage product batches with their Manufacturing date, Expiry date, Batch number and Quantity in that batch.

Inbuilt POS

ZapInventory POS helps you to make Sales and record payments. Convert your tablets, mobiles into POS.

Professional Invoices

Convert quotes to invoices, add your logo and branding. Choose from different Templates or create your own.

Detailed Reports

Generate Sales, Inventory, Customer, Purchase reports for different ranges like week, month and custom dates.

Team up with your favorite integrations

ZapInventory directly integrates with the world’s most popular ecommerce apps and tools.